Faculty Spotlight: Depression and Students

What is depression? Depression is a common mental health problem that will affect 44% of college students. It varies in depression and duration. Depression can be a temporary reaction to stress, loss, or life challenges. Severe or chronic depression usually requires professional help. Click Read More for further information.

Helping out our friends

College is stressful for everyone, but you aren’t in it alone. We want to be able to support our friends when they are having difficult times or are feeling stressed out. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how to talk to friends when we notice there may be a problem. It can also ... [Read more...]

Welcome to Wellness

College is a difference experience for everyone. It’s easy to get caught up in class schedules, sports, clubs, volunteer work, homework, studying, and friends and forget about our own emotional, physical, and mental health. The SPU Wellness Initiative wants to help you in your journey through college and all address all the difficulties that you ... [Read more...]