Spiritual Well-Being

Summer is a great time to relax from academic stress and a time to recharge. Spiritual well-being is one way we can recharge and take care of ourselves. Spiritual well-being can be thought of in many ways, but we’re going to define it as how we find meaning and purpose in life, which can be done through religious faith or beliefs, morals, ethics, or your values.

It is all too easy to get caught up in the daily grind and we find ourselves preoccupied with goals and outcomes. Taking time to work on our spiritual well-being allows us to reconnect with those core beliefs that keep us motivated and keep us happy. We are happier when we are moving down our own path of meaning and purpose.

The first step to checking in with our spiritual well-being is by defining and figuring out what our faith, beliefs, morals, ethics, or values call us to do. Then, explore your actions, thoughts, and feelings in regards to how you have been living. Have you been living in accordance with your faith, beliefs, morals, ethics, or values? Have they shifted at all? Sometimes how we find meaning and purpose can change over time. It’s healthy to grow, adapt, and change – especially as we increase our acceptance of ourselves and those around us.

Be curious! Take your summer break to expand what you know about yourself, how you see the world, and how you interact with those around you. Lastly, making sure you’re living the life of meaning and purpose that you want, is never a bad thing!

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