Spiritual Well-Being

Summer is a great time to relax from academic stress and a time to recharge. Spiritual well-being is one way we can recharge and take care of ourselves. Spiritual well-being can be thought of in many ways, but we’re going to define it as how we find meaning and purpose in life, which can be ... [Read more...]

Self-care vs. Selfishness

The self-care movement has gained momentum in recent years, with popular sayings like “treat yo’ self”. However, at times, there seems to be confusion about what self-care is and how it is not selfishness. At the core of it, self-care is replenishing your resources without depleting someone else’s. Compared to selfishness, which can be thought ... [Read more...]


One of the biggest ways we increase our own stress, anxiety, and guilt is through procrastination – and college students are especially great at procrastination. 🙂 When you procrastinate, you have a weight on your shoulders, and you may repeatedly think about the assignment or work that you are procrastinating. In fact, you may spend ... [Read more...]

Alcohol and Marijuana

There is a lot of hype around substance use on college campuses. Alcohol and marijuana are the top two substances of choice among college students, with almost 50% of college students (18-22 years old) reporting drinking alcohol in the past month and 39% reporting marijuana use. While yes, you are doing your brain a favor ... [Read more...]