Committed Action

Last week we explored values and how these can guide your life. Values can give you direction and help you to live a more meaningful life. This is easier said than done! Just identifying your values won’t help you to walk down a valued path – you have to commit to action.

Committing to action essentially means doing what it takes. It is taking effective action, regardless of if the action results in pleasant or unpleasant feelings. For example, if you value your physical health and taking care of your body, you may have to commit to the action of going to the gym or attending a class. You might really dislike the gym or maybe you don’t want to work out with other people. But committing to this action moves you along your valued path of caring for your physical health and body.

Values are not goals, but goals can help you commit to action. For example, “going to grad school” is not a value, it is a goal. But it can help you move towards your value of “contributing to a field or subject you care about”. Going to grad school is most likely not going to make your life feel meaningful and, eventually, grad school will end. But living out committed action towards contributing to a field or subject you care about can provide you with meaningful feelings and experiences – throughout your life!

Identifying your values can be really difficult– but once you’ve identified them, try committing them to action! Make small goals and work towards them, keeping the value in mind. You might just find that walking a valued path makes you happy and gives you meaning. 🙂

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