Wise Mind

Wise mind is the balance of emotion and reason. The emotion mind can be characterized by urges, desires, and strong feelings. In contrast, the rational mind can be thought of as the part of you that focuses on logical answers, problem-solving, and planning. As you can imagine, these two mindsets can be conflicting.

Often, we fall into the easy trap of reacting to situations with only our emotion mind. For instance, not getting the grade we anticipated on an exam or not being invited to a friend’s event may illicit strong negative emotions of failure or rejection. Through rational mind, you might jump to rationalizing why these events happened. You might reach out to your professor or your friend to figure out how you can remedy the situation.

Reacting with either only emotion or rational mind is easy, but the synthesis of using both mindsets is wise mind. When you use wise mind, you are able to acknowledge the feelings you are experiencing with your wise mind, while also taking steps to resolve the situation. If we only engage our emotion mind, we are unable to accurately and appropriately help ourselves solve the problems in our lives, sometimes even making them worse. When we only use our rational mind, we invalidate our own emotions by pushing them away or ignoring them, potentially creating more problems later.

Try taking a step back, being present, and using wise mind – see what changes you can make by engaging both mindsets!

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