Stress and Wellness

As students, we experience stress from many different sources:

  • New independence
  • Classes and exams
  • Social obligations
  • Roommate negotiations
  • Financial commitments
  • Family turmoil

Not all stress is bad; in fact, some stress can keep you out of the way of danger or even help you express your talents and perform well. Chronic stress, or stress that is experienced repeatedly over time, can actually change how your brain functions and lead to physical and emotional problems. Simply put, high levels of stress can have a seriously negative impact on your overall wellness.

One of the first things to do to decrease your stress is to become aware that you are experiencing it. This can be difficult to do because most of us tend to focus on work for classes, plans for the weekend, or even the weather. Our bodies and emotions can help us increase awareness of our stress level and can signal to us that we are feeling stressed. How do you experience stress?


Next week, we will talk about simple and effective ways to help you reduce stress!

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