The Types of Wellness


Balancing all of the different aspects of your life and your wellness can be difficult. Many of us tend to prioritize certain things in our lives and neglect others. For example, students can tend to prioritize their schoolwork, and put exercise, socializing, and emotional needs on the back burner. What areas of your life do you tend to neglect?

Here are some ways that you can improve the various aspects of your wellness:

Physical Wellness: add exercise to your routine or join an intramural, get enough sleep (about 7 hours for most people), eat healthy foods, recognize the signs when you feel sick

Emotional Wellness: seek support when you need it, cultivate awareness of your thoughts and feelings, accept mistakes as learning opportunities, visit the counseling center

Spiritual Wellness: engage with your spirituality or religious practices, volunteer, explore meaning and purpose in your life, understand your values

Social Wellness: cultivate healthy relationships, build a strong social support network, get involved in clubs, sports, or other student organizations

Intellectual Wellness: seek out intellectually challenging courses or other opportunities, take a course outside your major, learn a new skill or language, read for fun

Environmental Wellness: live sustainably by recycling, conserving water and other resources, car-pooling when you can, and turning lights off when they are not in use

Occupational Wellness: explore career options, visit the Center for Career and Calling, explore jobs that match your personality, interests, or talents


Balancing the different aspects of wellness has been shown to reduce stress, increase performance, and contribute to a higher quality of life. As you enter into this school year, try picking a couple things to incorporate into your schedule in order to move towards striking a balance.

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