Current & Past Team Members

Current Students


Heather Lucas

  • Joined RVT: Fall 2012
  • Research interests: Couple and family psychology; Interpersonal relationships; Marital satisfaction; Communication; Major life transitions
  • Dissertation topic: Characteristics of long-term monogamous romantic relationships
  • Pre-doctoral Internship: Iowa City VA Healthcare System




Fiona Kurtz

  • Joined RVT: Fall 2013
  • Research interests:Attachment theory, interpersonal attraction, systems theory, addiction, sexual minority populations, sexual dysfunction and misconduct
  • Dissertation Topic: Investigating the Effects of Adult Insecure Attachment on Interpersonal Attraction




Sadie Teal (Olson)

  • Joined RVT: Fall 2013
  • Research interests: Couple and Family psychology, interpersonal relationships and attachment styles.






Jeff Holguin

  • Joined RVT: Summer 2014
  • Research interests: Trauma; chronic pain; resilience; disaster psychology; and psychopathy
  • Dissertation topic: The Impact of Trait Resilience and Rumination on Posttraumatic Stress




samSam Rennebohm

  • Joined RVT: Fall 2014
  • Research interests: factors that influence dyadic responses to external stressors; reciprocal influences between couples/families and wider community; integration of psychology and theology
  • Dissertation Topic: Indirect and Conditional Effects in the link between Trauma Exposure and Dyadic Adjustment for First Responders



jyssicaJyssica Seebeck

  • Joined RVT: Fall 2014
  • Research interests: adolescent resilience; parent-child interpersonal relationships; marital conflict and relationships; severe and persistent mental illness; international psychology; sexual behavior; and pornography use




johnJohn Charleson

  • Joined RVT: Fall 2015
  • Research interests: military psychology; disaster psychology; trauma response; a family systems approach to treatment of PTSD






Honey Williams

  • Joined RVT: Fall 2016
  • Research interests: mindfulness, attachment dynamics, trauma, and grief




Melissa Caris

  • Joined RVT: Fall 2016
  • Research interests: enduring marriages, attachment, couples therapy,



Brandy Tidwell

  • Joined RVT: Fall 2017
  • Research Interests: trauma, resilience, post-traumatic growth, grief, and theory/philosophy of relational psychotherapies.





Beth Larson

  • Joined RVT: Fall 2017
  • Research Interests: finality and how people in relationships face an irreversible ending; impulsivity and sleep quality as they relate to suicidality; trauma and resilience.





Noël Clark, Ph.D.

  • Joined RVT: Fall 2012
  • Research interests: Adolescent trauma and resiliency; family systems psychology; disaster / crisis response psychology; shame and sexual behavior
  • Dissertation topic: Defining the Construct of Sexual Shame: A Grounded Theory Approach
  • Pre-doctoral Internship: University of California-Riverside Student Counseling Center

Jessa Carlile, Ph.D.

  • Joined RVT: Fall 2011
  • Research interests: International disaster psychology; Trauma and recovery; Severe mental illness and interpersonal relationships; Sexual behavior
  • Dissertation topic: Military sexual trauma in male veterans
  • Pre-doctoral Internship: VA Puget Sound Healthcare System, American Lake division (2015-2016)

Chris Keller, Ph.D.

  • Dissertation topic: Courage, Psychological Well-being, and Somatic Symptoms.
  • Pre-doctoral Internship: University of Washington Seattle Counseling Center (2015-2016)

Maria Dal Maso, Ph.D.

  • Joined RVT: Fall 2009
  • Research interests: Sexual behavior; Interpersonal relationships
  • Dissertation topic: Development of an online sexual behavior inventory
  • Pre-doctoral Internship: Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Center (2013-2014)

Megan Boutinen, Ph.D.

  • Joined RVT: Fall 2009
  • Research interests: Eating disorders; Interpersonal relationships
  • Dissertation topic: Female Body Frame, Body Dissatisfaction, and Eating Disorder Risk: A Moderated Mediation Model
  • Pre-doctoral Internship: University of Washington, Counseling Center (2014-2015)

Orlando Sanchez, Ph.D.

  • Joined RVT: Fall 2008
  • Dissertation topic: Latinos and Depressive Symptomatology: A Multidimensional Investigation of Acculturation
  • Pre-doctoral Internship: University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital (2013-2014)

Enika Cocoli, Ph.D.

Dissertation : Attachment Dimensions, Differentiation of Self, and Social Interest: A Structural Equation Modeling Investigation of an Interpersonal-maturational Model

  • Pre-doctoral Internship: Norwich University, Student Counseling and Psychological Services, Northfield, VT - 2006-08
  • Private practice

Michael Tandy, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Service Learning, Social Interest, and Initial Adjustment to College
Pre-doctoral Internship: Meier Clinics of Seattle

  • Private practice

Gwyn Hoffman-Robinson, Ph.D.
Dissertation : Attachment and its effect on the correlation between opposite-sex parent and romantic partner personality

  • Pre-doctoral Internship: University of Washington Counseling Center
  • Seattle Community College

Barbara Bisio, Ph.D.
Dissertation: The Relationship Between Adult Attachment Style, Attachment of Client to Therapist, and Therapy Outcome

  • Pre-doctoral internship:  The University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita
  • Private practice

Garrett Gilchrist, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Drive for Muscularity and Reasons for Exercise among Bodybuilders

  • Pre-doctoral internship:  Cleveland State University
  • Pacific Lutheran University Counseling Center

Kristin Byington, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Marriage Mentoring Program

  • Pre-doctoral internship:  University of San Diego Counseling Center
  • The Permanente Medical Group

Devon Singh-Barrett, Ph.D.
Dissertation : Motivations for Sexual Behavior Among Middle Adolescents

  • Pre-doctoral internship:  University of Washington Counseling Center
  • Private practice

Ashly Lambert, Ph.D.
Dissertation :The process of working ethically with multiple constellations of the family

  • Pre-doctoral internship:  University of Puget Sound  Counseling Center
  • Private Practice

Julie Davies, Ph.D.
Dissertation : Autism spectrum disorder and emotional availability of parents

  • Pre-doctoral internship:  University of Washington
  • University of Washington Autism Center

Jake Bentley, Ph.D.

Dissertation: Cross-cultural assessment of psychological symptoms among Somali refugees.

  • Pre-doctoral internship:  Tampa VA Medical Center
  • Post doc: Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  • Assistant Professor: Seattle Pacific University, Department of Clinical Psychology

Ginger Gunn, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Attachment, shame, and childhood sexual abuse on the acquisition of sexual addiction.

  • Pre-doctoral internship:  Wyoming State Hospital
  • University of Arkansas

Lauren Shelly, Ph.D.
Dissertation: A qualitative analysis of Critical Incident Stress management following a disaster

  • Pre-doctoral internship:  The Washington State University Counseling Center
  • Kaiser Permanente

Zeba Ahmad, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Muslim American veterans: Experience of faith and culture in the American military.

Pre-doctoral internship:  Louis Stokes Cleveland DVAMC

  • American Lakes VA

Meghan McBrearty, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Early psychosexual imprinting and its influence on future mate preference

  • Pre-doctoral internship: Northeast Florida State Hospital
  • Northeast Florida State Hospital

Kendra Jones, Ph.D.
Dissertation: The effects of a mindful parenting program on parenting behavior.

  • Pre-doctoral internship:  Alaska VA Healthcare System
  • Post doc: San Francisco VA Medical Center
  • Assistant Professor University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Stacy Cecchet, Ph.D.
Dissertation: The Psychological Experience of Child and Adolescent Sex Trafficking in the United States: Trauma and Resilience in Survivors.

  • Pre-doctoral internship:  The Southern AZ Psychology Internship Center, Children’s Clinic
  • Post doc: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • Private practice in Pediatric Psychology