The Illustration/New Pictures program at SPAC  was created to overlap traditional autographic rending techniques with new technology based skills toward works of art that emphasize narrative. The students coming out of this program are headed toward advanced study in illustration or studio art and/or the building a studio practice with an entrepreneurial approach open to the possibilities of a variety of vocational trajectories.
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SPAC Professor, Laura LasworthPainting

SPAC Adjunct Professor, Rachell Sumpter, Illustration

SPAC Professor, Scott Kolbo, Printmaking

SPAC Adjunct Professor,  Tom DeslongchampAnimation

DEGREE REQUIREMENTS Art: Emphasis in Illustration/New Pictures (BA)

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For more information about the ILL/NP program contact:

  • Laurie Roberts, SPAC Program Coordinator, Art Dept. 206.281.2079; robertsl@spu.edu
  • Laura Lasworth, Professor of Art, SPU Art Dept. 206.281.3441; lasworth@spu.edu


I. Documentation, Reference, Instruction: Illustration Information

  • Young audiences
  • Historical and cultural subject matter
  • Natural science
  • Medical illustration
  • Technological subjects
  • The illustrator as Scientist and cultural historian

II.  Commentary

  • Editorial
  • Politics current affairs
  • Life style
  • The Illustrator as Journalist and Commentator

III. Story Telling

  • Narrative fiction
  • Picture Books and early Readers
  • Comics Graphic Novels
  • The Illustrator as Author of Fiction

IV. Persuasion

  • Advertising Illustration

V. Identity

  • Corporate branding
  • Point of sale and packaging
  • Books and Music
  • Illustration design

VI. Exhibition Careers in Representational Painting

ILL/NP Suggested Texts

  • Illustration: A Theoretical & Contextual Perspective, Alan Male
  • Understanding Comics, Scott McCloud
  • How To be An Illustrator, Darrel Reese
  • Grow Your Handmade Business, Kari Chapin
  • Inside the Business of Illustration, Steven Heller and Marshall Arisman
  • The Education of an Illustrator, Steven Heller and Marshall Arisman
  • Graphic Art Guild Handbook: Pricing and Ethical Guidelines 14th Edition
  • 2015 Children’s Writers & Illustrators Market