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P1000415Study Abroad in South Africa

The South Africa program is an experiential form of learning with opportunities to create art with children in an orphanage or build houses in the townships of South Africa. We also visit the museums of Cape Town, and attend an arts/film/theater festival with guest speakers. This 8 credit program immerses students in South African literature, history, film, and theater. As part of this experience, we will travel across the country to hike to the tip of South Africa, wander in the African crafts market, and lastly, ride in jeeps on safari at one of the Game parks. To learn more about the study abroad program go to SPU site or  SPU student photo/writing blog.




south africa 2008 155 (2)South Africa Study Abroad trip:
Service Project in the township of Khayaletshia: orphanage

Safari: lions, elephants, hippos, and my favorite, the giraffes.

National Arts Festival: 2,000 performances—theater, art, film, music, African Markets
The Slave Museum, District 6, Robbin Island Museum with Nelson Mandela’s Cell

Hiking to the top of Table Mountain and the coast at Robbesberg

What will you study?  South African novels are gripping, powerful, raw, and emotive of the landscape around you. Before we travel together,  our  orientation focuses  on initial perspectives  of Africa  and ourselves, before crossing to Cape Town. The first topic:

south africa 2008 071

Black Protest Matters!

Studying stories about South Africa shows us  that black protest matters, and the orientation to this study abroad course is a film class that considers how films depict Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Stephen Biko. There are only thirty years difference between the emergence of civil rights/voting in  these two countries:  US civil rights legislation  in the sixties, South Africa's democratic election in  1994. Since the histories of these two countries have great differences and some similar legacies of slavery, Jim Crow/ segregation/apartheid, this orientation asks us to consider various  protest poets and their contemporary messages about the unfinished legacies of racism and hopes for change. How is injustice framed in  film  and poetry? What do  you  notice when  we  move  between poets from these two  countries?

See panel on Race in America after Ferguson/ John Perkins Center for Reconciliation

See Current Travel Writing by students!


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