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Dear Arsenic Lullaby,

I’m writing you today to praise you for the artwork and comic books you have been producing, and what I have been awing over for the past few years. I have learned so much from you just watching your progress and procedure. These have included your pencil sketches that you put up online, then leading to those pencil sketches in ink, and then finally finished in color. Others include posting pictures of your Comicon booth and your set up, which will really come in handy!

Your line-work and witty sense of humor is what first caught my attention. Your brush strokes are flawless, and I bet it took it really long time to master that. If I can get to that point in my linework, I’ll be able to die happy.

I look forward to keep seeing your work pop up, as it influences me more than any other comic art out there.

Keep up the amazing work,

Sarah Russell