Welcome to the SPU Innovation Lab!

The purpose of the Innovation Lab is to foster entrepreneurial and innovative thinking amongst SPU students across campus in order to address important social issues.

This year the Innovation Lab will host workshops to foster entrepreneurial and innovative solutions to address important social issues:

  • October 20th - Income Inequality
  • January 26th - Homelessness
  • May 11th - Human Trafficking

Each workshop will begin at 5:30PM in Demaray 150 with an informal meet-and-greet where pizza and beverages will be served.  Following this will be presentations by subject matter experts on the particular issue to be covered, followed by a hands-on workshop on ideation, creation, and implementation of potential solutions to help address the issue.  Participants will also be given information about resources and other avenues for pursuing their proposed solutions.  The workshops will be open to all students across campus, as well as to the public.  People interested in learning more about the Innovation Lab and the workshops, or who would like to chat about entrepreneurial ideas for addressing social issues can contact Dr. John Godek at godek@spu.edu.