Fadwa's Story and Persepolis

Fadwa's Story Fadwa's story matters because of how unnoticed it went and the way in which Bouazizi's death was more noticed than hers. This shows the effects of societal norms and gender roles in a society. Both Bouazizi and Fadwa's stories were acts of resistance, a protest for change in an unjust environment. Her story ... [Read more...]

Religious Identity in Persepolis

Marji claims that she was "born with religion" (pg )and wants to become a great prophet. She believes she has a special relationship with God and was chosen to be a prophet. At the beginning of Persepolis, we learn that Marji sees God as a friend, almost as a peer. In the photo attached, we ... [Read more...]

Post Tragedy

Mr. Ono, a former artist, remembers his feelings of "leading the country astray" and he realizes that people may have feelings of betrayal toward him as his daughter's marriage negotiations are broken off. He is faced with conversation like with Matsuda, who says, "...Never mind what people today are all saying. Before long, a few more ... [Read more...]

Struggle of Control

  A nervous condition is a "tension between two things. " Babamakuru struggles with a crisis of masculinity and a crisis of control, a tension between his English identity and his Shona identity. He is the head of his household and has hybrid ideals, but doesn't recognize it because he is so focused on his ... [Read more...]

Western vs. African "Witches"

As I think back to my childhood Halloweens, I remember being surrounded by little witches, and was even dressed as one myself. Little girls in pointy hats, green faces, and a broom in hand. But this is a westernized view of an "ugly" or "scary" witch who creates potions with her pointy fingernails, often a ... [Read more...]

The Power of Song: Melissa Shadle

I felt that this image was especially appropriate because of the way in which Dr. Segall ends the chapter on "Guerrilla Fighters, Televised Testimonies" with Nelson Mandela's quote "we will forgive but not forget." This chapter is all about self healing within the community of others through song and the importance of one's story to ... [Read more...]

Questions 2 and 7: Melissa Shadle

2. “The journey of a researcher” does not follow a simple path. Select a quote from the preface or introduction, which considers the author’s journey, starting questions, or identification. Explain why the quote is significant. “While considering these two fields of action and production, I attend to alternative spaces of protest, following massive relocations after ... [Read more...]