Defying the Single Story

1.Why does Fadwa's story matter? Fadwa's story matters because it shows a greater range of people lifting their voices in protest. Fadwa's story was not as covered as some of her male counterparts, who also took such drastic measures to have their stories and voices heard. This shows how gender and class can play into ... [Read more...]

Innocence and Relearning History

Religious Identity in Persepolis The innocence of Marjane's initial religious life is something so relatable for me. There is the initial view of God as a loving, omnipresent figure that is there to talk to and have long discussions with. The shift that occurs, though, when Marjane begins to educate herself and notice all the horrid ... [Read more...]

Harsh Memories and In Memoriam

Masuji Ono is character is sometimes hard to like. His recollections of the past often paint himself in the best light possible, while readers are shown an unspoken tension with everyone he has interactions with after the war. He suspects that his esteem among his past peers, his past students, and his own family has ... [Read more...]

Maiguru's Nervous Condition

A nervous condition, as defined in class, is a tension between two things. One of the characters who truly exemplifies a nervous condition is Maiguru. We talked in class about how Babamukuru was torn between the more traditional Shona values and the English values he’s been exposed to in his education, but this same tension ... [Read more...]

How Songs Heal

How do songs help heal people? There is something inherently moving about music. I don't mean the actual movement from note to note, but the power it has to shift emotion and thought. When listening to music, it is common to find lyrics or a melody that soothes you or helps you come to realize ... [Read more...]

Questions #1 and #3

1.Preface: What stories had been “largely forgotten” by the western press, in this example? How do the highlights of the western press influence a sense of global memory/forgetting? The Western media fails daily to report on certain subjects, people, and events. Some things get extreme, over the top coverage, while other things go completely unnoticed ... [Read more...]