Persepolis and Beyond

Fadwa's story matters because it is not a well-known story. Being female, it seems that her protest never got the attention it deserved. It is a terrible fact seeing as she was not out to make a political statement, but she set herself ablaze in agony over horrible policies that would not help her in ... [Read more...]

Religious Identity

In Marjane Satrapi's book "Persepolis," the main character, Marjane, goes through many struggles with define her religious identity after facing trauma in her life. On pages 6-8 we see Marjane happily in a relationship with God, aspiring to be the first female prophet, only to come to page 17, where she cannot find God after ... [Read more...]

A Painted Ideal

I feel that Masugi Ono is a man who remembers what happened at the war, but chooses what to remember and what not to. it's not that he forgot or happened to repress these feelings, but it is the fact that he chooses to bring forth those that he feels benefit him or have purpose, rather ... [Read more...]

identity: Babamukuru vs. Nyasha

A nervous condition was defined in class as “A tension between two things”. A nervous condition as seen in Tsisi Dangarembga’s novel is Nyasha’s rebellion.  The tension seen here is Nyasha’s hope to cut free of gender norms and Babamukuru’s sruggle to keep his traditional role as the head of the household and his struggles ... [Read more...]

Which Witch is Which?

In America, the idea of a “witch” can take many forms. To some, it is a symbol of creepiness for Halloween. A popular character, a witch is envisioned as an evil old woman with a long, warty nose, horrible teeth and a pointed hat who makes spells and potions in a cauldron. She normally has ... [Read more...]

One Image, One Explanation, & One Question

Since I do not yet have access to the book, I read on South African Guerrilla fighters (mainly the Azanian People's Liberation Army considering the time frame seemed correct) and some events involving these fighters. I chose this image because the reading made me think about how people in a group, even in not drastic numbers, can assemble and ... [Read more...]

Questions 6 and 2

Protest is not only political and economic, but also fits within a “paradigm of political bloom” (xvii). What are the three factors in this paradigm or model? The three factors of this model are cultural related protest, art forms, and media outlets should be seen as a window into the lesser known or spoken about ... [Read more...]