Free or Not so Free Speech

The media covers the Arab spring protestors with their names, personal attributes about them, and a full write up on why they are protesting yet when a female protests, she is not referred to personally; not even by name; but referred to minute aspects such as “the woman with the blue bra” are one female ... [Read more...]

Saying "I do" to the veil

This picture from Persepolis deals with the main character dealing with her own religious identity while the government is trying to embed religious actions on their people by introducing the veil. The addition of the veil is confusing when one is already attempting to find out what their own religious identity means for them, let ... [Read more...]

An artist who no longer paints...

Throughout the first 158 pages of An Artist of the Floating World, Mr. Ono remembers certain fragments of his life before the war when he was as artist under Master Takeda then Mr. Moriyama, the history of how he got his house and his youngest daughter Noriko’s first failed marriage negotiation. What matters to him ... [Read more...]

Which witch?

What are the similarities of African beliefs and witchcraft? The similar beliefs between African beliefs and witchcraft are people or ‘neighbors who accumulate great wealth’, ancestors communicating with their living family, and older women with [healing] power or control. It is an African belief that if one neighbor accumulated wealth; while living in a relatively ... [Read more...]

Nia Costello

This photo is from the Royal Court Theatre in London, England performance of Debbie Tucker Green's story written play titled "Truth and Reconciliation". This play examines the nature of reconciliation and its relationship to the truth from the areas of Rwanda, Bosnia, Northern Ireland, and Zimbabwe. These theater performances are similar to the South Africa reconciliation ... [Read more...]

Nia Costello

4.Page xv-xvi How do the women on this page “perform democratic desire with diverse claims?” In the beginning of the introduction, the women of this page “perform democratic desire with diverse claims” through combatively fighting, being tortured and protesting to extreme means. A group of Xhosa women banned together to fight as militants and were ... [Read more...]