Finding God under the Muck of Reality

In the graphic novel Persepolis, Marji struggles with her religious identity during a time of political unrest in Iran. Her initial view of God is similar to a close confidant. God functions as a convenient imaginary friend figure who shows up when her ego needs bolstering or to affirm her ideas.  She is forced to ... [Read more...]

Which Side Are You On?

Masugi Ono is a character torn by conflicting cultures. After WW2 the American occupation of Japan put the country in an uncomfortable position created by differing cultures, and generational perspectives about the situation. Many of the younger generations are ashamed of their country and their position during the war. They believe that Japan should assimilate ... [Read more...]

Songs and Healing

I chose the picture of the man playing the song “Imagine” by the Beatles after the Paris attacks because I felt that it was an example of how music is powerful in the midst of tragedy. After the attacks the discussion turned political, and in some cases hateful, very quickly. Instead of allowing the bigoted ... [Read more...]

Performing Democracy: Questions 3 & 7

What does it mean to protest through literature or with cultural forms? How are these forms of performing democracy? Protesting through literature and cultural forms allow the oppressed to respond to the oppressor. Stories of personal atrocities brought about through the actions of oppressors allow us to hear from those who are not represented or ... [Read more...]