Telling Stories

Mom always told me, when listening to someone depict a situation where an opinion of the other person involved may be created to always hear the other person's side. There is no such thing as a single story or experience. So often, we listen to one side and fight against the other without actually hearing ... [Read more...]

"Where Are You? Are You There?"

  In the midst of atrocity, whether it be war or some other kind of injustice, those who consider themselves religious often take solace in their Higher Power, much like Marji in the beginning of¬†Persepolis.¬†As the war progresses and the protests become more violent, Marji, even as a young child, wants to be a part ... [Read more...]

Recovery vs. Loss

There aren't any specific's as how to survive the aftermath of a traumatic experience. Believe me, I'd be first in line if someone ever wrote a book called "Trauma: A How to in Functioning Normally Again." It's individual. Granted, there are individuals who find the same kind of solace in similar ways of dealing with ... [Read more...]

A Condition of Control

The tension between Nyasha's self identity and the identity others force upon her creates within her the monster that is an eating disorder. Torn between wanting to assert herself and her ideas of how she wants her life to go and her hybrid upbringing, Nyasha feels as if she has no control. In a fit ... [Read more...]

The Music of Healing

  This is image is a reflection of my own pain drawn by the very hand depicted here, scars and tattoo included. It's one depiction of how I've dealt with trauma, a way of healing. The branches extending and growing from my arm show that there is still life and beauty from pain, that good ... [Read more...]

Questions 1 and 3: Every Story Matters

  Question 1: The stories that are "largely forgotten" in the preface's example is that of the occurrences in Kurdistan. Instead of covering both sides of a story, Western media chose to represent one side, deeming the Kurds "terrorists" and "freedom fighters", terms not taken lightly by those in charge of the U.S. The author's ... [Read more...]