Marji's Identity & Iran

1. Religious Identity Marji believes that she was born with religion, which make her believe that she has a natural inclination to faith.  It's almost as if it gives her a sense of power, making her think that she is going to be a prophet. On page 8, Marji has a friendly conversation with God ... [Read more...]

Dealing with Tragedy

After the war, Masuji Ono struggles with his memory. He often mentions that he may not remember past events correctly. Ono recalls a memory of the time he encountered Jiro Miyake in the Yokote district where they discussed the suicidal apology of the president of young Miyake’s company. Miyake justified the suicide as an honorable ... [Read more...]

The Power of Tension

Nervous Conditions presents the post-colonial struggles in Zimbabwe that affect gender roles, cultural views, education, and the visions for Tambu's family.  The characters are each impacted in a different way and develop nervous conditions.  A nervous condition is tension between two things.  In this novel, Nyasha develops an eating disorder caused by her nervous condition; ... [Read more...]

Identity of a Witch

         Today, the image of a witch no longer represents the historical background of witchcraft. It has adopted Western influences and has become a popular Halloween costume among children. The image of a witch is depicted as a mean, old woman who wears a black cloak and pointy hat, flies on a broomstick, and has evil ... [Read more...]

Song as Healing & Image

Song can be used as a way of healing. It can assist the oppressed in mending broken and painful pasts, as well as uniting people who share common emotions, experiences, and memories. As chapter 6 of Performing Democracy shares Monwa’s story of survival, it discusses the affect of song. Page 132 states, “These public venues ... [Read more...]

Questions 3 & 6

3. What does it mean to protest through literature or with cultural forms? How are these forms of performing democracy? There are many ways of protest in which one can voice their own thoughts and opinions on issues. However, some means of protest are ignored.  Protesting through literature or with cultural forms, like social media ... [Read more...]