An artist who no longer paints...

thThroughout the first 158 pages of An Artist of the Floating World, Mr. Ono remembers certain fragments of his life before the war when he was as artist under Master Takeda then Mr. Moriyama, the history of how he got his house and his youngest daughter Noriko’s first failed marriage negotiation. What matters to him is keeping a good face and clean past record during his daughter’s current; and successful; marriage negotiation. On page 49 Mr. Ono was having a conversation with his eldest, Setsuko about Noriko’s marriage negotiation, “…I merely wished to say that it is perhaps wise if Father would take certain precautionary steps. To ensue misunderstandings do not arise…about the past…Father has no doubt thought already of all these things and will do whatever is necessary”. This quote identifies with Mr. Ono because it tells about something in the past that went wrong that the family does not want to see repeated. Although we do not know what they are trying not to repeat yet, we see how from this point on that statement affects Mr. Ono’s actions and how he communicates with others. This second quote is a reflection of how much Mr. Ono cares for art. Although he no longer paints; for a reason we still do not know; he frequently refers back to his vivid, detailed memories in his artist days. Page 71 reads, “Mr. Moriyama is a true artist. In all likelihood, a great one. I’ve been exceptionally fortunate to receive his attention and advice. Indeed, it’s his opinion that my remaining with Master Takeda will do irreparable harm to my gifts, and he has invited me to become his pupil”.

After the atrocity of hurricane Katrina, people protested the government’s ill response to the horrific event and responded by helping and aiding to those affected by the hurricane. Multiple news stations captured the impoverish conditions the people of New Orleans were living in even after President Bush made promises to send aid, food, and shelter means. Thousands gathered in a protest march against this. In other states across the country such as in Mississippi, prayer gatherings were held for the people and the government. Overall, it was a peaceful protest in lou of the devastating events.


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