One Image, One Explanation, & One Question

  1. Strength in numbers little fish vs. big fish graphic/

    Since I do not yet have access to the book, I read on South African Guerrilla fighters (mainly the Azanian People's Liberation Army considering the time frame seemed correct) and some events involving these fighters. I chose this image because the reading made me think about how people in a group, even in not drastic numbers, can assemble and make changes in their country, even if it is not in the most peaceful of means. These groups, also, are often formed when there seems to be only one option to go up against what is oppressing or upsetting the group. However, such strong feelings in a group can also lead to trouble and disagreements within a group, which can lead to splits, bad decisions, and even destruction of the group.

2. Song leads to resistance and especially healing in many ways. In one way it unites people. While reading, in class on Friday, and considering this question I thought back to what I have learned in the past about songs Americans slaves used to sing in the fields. Some were used as communication but each song had one thing in common, they lived spirits, and they unified the slaves. One would start, more would join in until everyone was singing together. Music can also make one feel closer to their creator. As is the case with not only worship songs but others as well, for years people have seen music lighten their spirits, as something about it seems to connect to new life. Music, also, can be used as an outlet to express one's emotions and thoughts on a certain plight or issue. Such is often the case for music, and being able to get these feelings out in the open, brings healing.

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