Questions 3 & 6


3. What does it mean to protest through literature or with cultural forms? How are these forms of performing democracy?

There are many ways of protest in which one can voice their own thoughts and opinions on issues. However, some means of protest are ignored.  Protesting through literature or with cultural forms, like social media or song, allows individuals to respond to issues in a way that they will be acknowledged and heard. It allows the oppressed to share their story; share part of their identity.  This is an important part of protest because it encourages ideas, experiences, and messages to be considered in order to make a change.  Literature and cultural forms are models of performing democracy because they allow people to say what they need and want to say.  These forms offer an outlet of expression in order to make transformations and improvements that are needed.

6. Protest is not only political and economic, but also fits within a “paradigm of political bloom” (xvii). What are the three factors in this paradigm or model?

It is easy to view protests as political or economic statements, but there are more aspects to this “paradigm of political bloom”. The three factors in this model, as stated in the text, are gender locations, social contestation, and artistic revision. They highlight different cultural forms of protest that bring about awareness. These three concepts allow injustices to be addressed through forms, such as media and art, in order to create a better working society.

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