Performing Democracy: Questions 3 & 4


3.What does it mean to protest through literature or with cultural forms? How are these forms of performing democracy?

To protest through literature is the use of creative outlets such as blogs, plays, songs, and poetry to tell stories and share people’s experiences where violence is still very apparent as the country faces a shift from dictatorship to democracy. With people using artistic outlets in order to share their stories, economic and religious aspects are weaved within political and historical events. In the book, Performing Democracy the author also mentioned that as these alternative forms of stories are not shown through global media enough, and often become “forgotten springs”. Also, social media is now a huge part of people’s lives and one of the dominant ways of cultural form. With just one hit of a button, protesting and story sharing are spread across the world with the use of Facebook, You-Tube, Twitter, and even Word-press.


  1. Page xv-xvi: How do the women on this page “perform democratic desire with diverse claims?”

These women are standing up to the government and making sure they are all recognized and bringing their stance across. In each scenario, every woman is making sure they are noticed by using different ways to spread their opinion to the public. For instance, one woman decided to wrap herself in her national flag to post it on social media in order to express her feelings on democracy. Another woman decided to attract attention by using her voice to share her story on television with others. Last but not least, when police turned their backs on a woman who pleaded for help, she felt helpless and desperate and felt there was no other option but to end her own life. She committed suicide by setting herself on fire in front of a police station in order to make a statement. All of these women share the same desire for democracy, but had many ways in expressing that view.



Chea-Lene Tan

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