Nia Costello

4.Page xv-xvi How do the women on this page “perform democratic desire with diverse claims?”

In the beginning of the introduction, the women of this page “perform democratic desire with diverse claims” through combatively fighting, being tortured and protesting to extreme means. A group of Xhosa women banned together to fight as militants and were tortured over their protests of emanating the township; their life threatening efforts just restaged into a public performance for television. Another woman from far away, Fadwa Laroui protested the destruction of her home to the courts and police. In one last expression of her deep desire for a new nation, when her disapprovals were ignored she lit herself on fire in front of the police station; which went viral.

7.What are the images after 9-11?

After 9/11, sexual politics came into play as images of women who were soldiers were sexually abused by the police were circulated; not for sympathy or call to action but for degrading and pornographic attention; while the deaths of female soldiers barely got coverage. Along with these images, photographs of distinct perspective protesting bodies; also of women; became an important witness.

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