Presenting on Global Re-inscriptions of 9-11 in Yael Farber's Molora and Nadia David's At Her Feet

After a wonderful course of international/postcolonial literature, I am off to South Africa for a study abroad program. At the National Arts Festival, I will be presenting on global re-interpretations of 9-11 in the plays Molora and At Her Feet. This presentation will be based on my book chapter on these two playwrights in Performing ... [Read more...]

#4/#6 Republished

Christians standing around Muslims while they pray   Page xv-xvi How do women on this page “perform democratic desire and diverse claims?” The three groups of women on this page — “one wrapped in a flag, one group televised, one enveloped in flames” (xvi) — each perform their democratic desire in a different way with ... [Read more...]

Persepolis and the Danger of the Single Story

Various accounts, whether non-fictional or fictional, collective or objective, are meant to come together to form collective significant--a multifaceted story. It is dangerous just to listen to one account when so many exist. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie notes, "I've always felt that it is impossible to engage properly with a place or a person without engaging with all of the ... [Read more...]

Silencing the Outcast

Fadwa's story matters because there are many other people like her whose stories go untold simply because they do not contain the extremities needed to gain attention from the media. If you are in the middle east peacefully protesting a corrupt government, the media is not going to pay attention. They want something that can ... [Read more...]