Our Social Side

Fun in RVT

While research is a big part of the Bikos RVT, we also manage to mix in a bit of fun! Each week, Dr. Bikos brings a variety of breakfast dishes to RVT that help us to build both social and professional relationships with other RVT members over a delicious morning snack! Most recently, we all needed to decompress after a stressful quarter and we "sorted" all of the RVTs into different houses. We took the Pottermore sorting quiz together and it said our RVT is Ravenclaw!!



RVT Parties

If there's one thing everyone knows about Dr. Bikos, it's that she loves a good party! Each year, our RVT puts on a themed party at Dr. Bikos' house with fun, games, and even a costume contest! Often, this is the first party that incoming students experience within the RVT, so it can be a great time to get to know other RVT members outside of research and classes!



Graduation Parties

One way our RVT really celebrates some of the hard work and dedication our members have put into our lab is at the yearly master's and doctoral level graduation ceremonies. In addition to the school-wide ceremony, our RVT holds a party afterwards to really celebrate each and every student graduating that year! Family, friends, and loved ones are welcome to attend and it can be really fun getting to celebrate with everyone's loved ones!


 March for Science

One thing our RVT has got plenty of is a passion for science (and especially in Dr. Bikos' case, a passion for some good statistics)! This last year, our RVT as well as many other students from SPFC, participated in Seattle's March for Science. Dedicated to the "celebration of science," our RVT showed up in full force with posters and our SPU gear to stand up for the importance of science!




WPA Parties

The Western Psychological Association (WPA) conference is arguably the most exciting time for the Bikos RVT! Every year our lab attends in full force, exhibiting posters, symposia, and even running the Continuing Education (CE) credits for the conference! At the end of each chaotic day, we all gather together to explore whatever city the conference is held in, eat, drink, and enjoy time together after a long day of presentations! 


Check out these picutres from our past events!