RVTs in Clinical Psychology

The purpose of the CPY research vertical team (RVT) is two-fold. First, it is the primary venue in which students develop research skills and engage in research projects. Second, it is the context in which the student most regularly interacts with his/her primary faculty advisor, and thus should be considered to serve an advisory function beyond research training.


  • All members of the department of clinical psychology are expected to demonstrate professional competence and courtesy. This includes, for example, holding ourselves to high standards, being collegial towards each other, and taking RVT responsibilities seriously.

RVT Meetings

  • RVT meets at 8:30 – 11:00 AM on Wednesdays, using the 2.5 hours for “all hands” RVT meetings, research and clinical supervision, and project group time
  • Plan for an additional 5-7 hours per week of work. More time may be needed when preparing for conferences and/or publication. Students are expected to work on their projects outside of RVT meetings, as most of the time is often spent on project updates.
  • Attendance at each meeting is required; treat these meetings like a regular class.
  • We move through the agenda quickly, so be prepared with assignments, questions, and topics for discussion in advance.

Contributing to the RVT in General

  • All RVT members are expected to contribute to ongoing RVT projects. Typical contributions include literature searches, article summaries, and annotated bibliographies; data collection; data entry, cleaning, and analysis; and editing manuscripts, grant proposals, and conference presentations.
  • We very much embrace a pay it forward attitude – newer team members are expected to assist with dissertation (and other) projects of more senior members.

Mentoring and Honing of Professional Skills

  • You can expect to both get and give professional feedback in this RVT—this is an essential part of your development as a clinician and researcher.