Vocational Psychology

Graduate Career Advisors

In 2015, Dr. Bikos received internal funding (an SPU SERVE grant) to collaborate with SPU’s Center for Career & Calling (CC&C) to place Graduate Career Advisors (GCA) in the CC&C. For the past three years the GCAs have worked between 8 and 16 hours per week receiving training and providing career counseling.  To the right, GCA Caitlin Coyer, is participating in a Resume’ Rescue.

Called! Field Guide

The GCAs are also practitioners and scientists in a random clinical trial of the Called! Field Guide (Canvas edition). SPU’s Vocational Task Force (on which Dr. Bikos was a member) created the Called! Field Guide – a mini workbook designed to assist students (a) adjust to college, (b) engage in traditional career exporation activities, and (c) engage in discernment – spiritually/religiously reflective approaches to decision-making.  Speculating that an online, facilitated, intervention might be more effective, Dr. Bikos received funding to lead the GCAs in creating the Canvas edition.  The photo is of the GCAs (Caitlin Coyer, Megan Fox, Scott Campanario) and Dr. Bikos just after launching the random clinical trial where more than 600 SPU undergraduate students will be completing one of three versions of the Field Guide.  We hypothesize that the best vocational outcomes will be evidenced by those in the calling-infused condition (i.e., containing adjustment, traditional, and discernment modules).

We hope for a full launch of the online version this fall.  Planning quarterly assessments during a students’ matriculation at SPU (and perhaps into alumni-hood) this could provide more than 16 waves of data in a 4 or 5 year period.  Now THAT’S longitudinal!

“Did I pick the wrong major:  Responding to a changing call.”  Keynote lecture during SPU’s Life after College week (2015).

CDQ's Annual Review

Some years ago, Dr. Bikos was honored with the request to summarize the entire 2012 literature related to career development/vocational psychology.  She and four advisees located, archived, and summarized over 150 articles!

Bikos, L. H., Dykhouse, E. C., Boutin, S. K., Gowen, M. J., & Rodney, H. E. (2013).  Annual Review:  Practice and research in career counseling and development – 2012.  The Career Development Quarterly, 61(4), 290-329. doi: 0.1002/j.2161-0045.2013.00058.x