International Psychology

GLO Abroad, GlobeSPRINTing, and GlobeTrekking

Known by a variety of names (e.g., study abroad or study away, global or international immersion learning, global or international service learning, short-term mission trips), a primary focus of our research team is the investigation of global learning (GLO) and psycho-social-spiritual (PSO or PSSO) outcomes of those who engage inBikos RVT re-entry debriefing retreat 2014 a culturally dislocating experience for study, service, or both.

In June 2009 our RVT launched a mixed methods (i.e., qualitative and quantitative), longitudinal, investigation of the psycho-social-spiritual-educational outcomes of SPU students who are travelling internationally for traditional study abroad and faith-based global service (SPRINT). We assessed the students 3 months prior to departure, and then 2-weeks, 6-weeks, 3-months, 6-months, 9-months, and 12-months after their reentry. Presently, we have from one to seven waves of data from from around 200 SPU international immersion learning students (and a control group of 70 students who did not travel internationally.

Emerging from the GlobeTrekking has been a sustained program evaluation and clinical services collaboration with the SPRINT (ala GlobeSPRINTing). Consequently, beginning in summer 2012 RVT members have been providing pre-departure orientation and re-entry debriefing coaching for SPRINTers.