Global Learning

Faculty Perspectives: Our formal interest in internationalizing (globalizing) the curriculum began with a qualitative research project that interviewed subject matter experts from all over the world.  Results were presented at a symposium at APA and published in International Perspectives in Psychology.

Bikos, L. H., DePaul Chism, N. F., Forman, R. L., & King, D. R. (2013). Internationalizing the U.S. psychology curriculum:  A qualitative investigation of faculty perspectives.  International Perspectives in Psychology:  Research, Practice, Consultation, 2(2), 116-131. doi: 10.1037/a0032288

From Study Abroad: Focusing more specifically on education abroad, the Bikos RVT contributed a book chapter to a psychology-specific text.

Bikos, L. H., Yamamoto, M., Dykhouse, E., & Sallee, O. (2016). Integrating off-campus international experience into on-campus coursework and research.  In D. Gross, K. Abrams, & C. Enns (Eds.), Internationalizing the Undergraduate Psychology Curriculum:  Practical lessons learned at home and abroad (pp. 199-216).  Washington D. C.:  American Psychological Association.

On the SPU Campus: Dr. Bikos was an active participant on SPU’s Global Initiative Task Force. In that role she led a campus-wide curriculum mapping of all courses that included global elements.  Members of the Bikos RVT (Lauren Hirsch, Thomas Pankau) presented results of that exercise in the  2017 WPA symposium, SEE SPU GLO.

A globalized element of the curriculum does not require crossing international borders.  The Bikos RVT partnered with leaders of SPU’s community kitchen in a qualitative exploration of outcomes of participating in this service learning endeavor.  Caitlin Coyer and Desta Gebregiorgis presented the results at a 2017 WPA symposium:  Community Kitchen – An avenue for global learning outcomes.

Global Collaborations: Dr. Bikos participated in a 3-year research seminar on global learning.  The three links below include her as a panelist on topics that were at the heart of the research endeavor:

High-priority inquiry questions about global learning:

Highlights from the Integrating Global Learning Research Seminar:

Global learning vs. other forms of learning: