Professional Service

We participate together in several professional activities outside of clinical and research training. Some of this work is with our local community partners!


  • Host/promote relevant speakers (e.g., Bryan Dik, Ph.D., [calling])
  • Coordinate SPFC Student Research Conference

Western Psychological Association:

  • Coordinate WPA’s continuing education program.
  • Coordinate WPA’s International Program.
    • Promote D52/International Psychology
    • Coordinate the student poster competition
    • Host the International Psychology dinner
  • Attend WPA stats camp.


Peer Review:

  • During time at SPU, advisees co-review a minimum of two manuscripts with Dr. Bikos. Frequent journals for which reviewing occurs includes the Journal of Counseling Psychology; International Perspectives in Research, Practice, and Consultation; Journal of Career Development; Career Development Quarterly; Mental Healther, Religion, & Culture; International Journal of International Relations.


Editor Mentoring: Our RVT has worked collaboratively with APA’s Division of International Psychology’s journal, International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, Consultation, to ensure that it is an outlet for scholars in developing countries. Often these researchers lack access to the requisite resources (e.g., current literature, statistical software) for publication in Western journals. When the science behind a research project submitted to IPP is evaluated as potentially worthy of publication, Dr. Bikos is often asked to provide “editorial mentoring.” We take projects as advanced doctoral students are available. At times, authorship is available for the doctoral student (oftentimes, not). Our first three projects were published!