The Administrative sub teams within Falcon Racing keep the outside world up to date on what the team does, and helps to build a more sustainable team. The administrative groups are Sponsorship, Public Relations, Business and Sales, and IT:

  • The Sponsorship team is responsible for contacting potential sponsors and keeping in contact with our current donors. They foster partnerships with business and industry professionals that allow Falcon Racing to continue growing the next generation of engineers and automotive professionals.
  • The Public Relations team is responsible for managing the team image through materials such as team social media outlets, website,┬ábrochures, and posters. Our goal is to reach out to the community and industry to spread the word about Baja SAE and Falcon Racing.
  • The Business and Sales team is responsible for managing the team budget throughout the season and tracking what materials are used and for what purpose. This team is in charge of preparing for and presenting the Sales Report during competition.