Portfolio Building

This page serves as a resource for building your portfolio for the Foundations Program at SPU. Please make sure you look carefully at the requirements in your syllabus for your specific class - there are slightly different requirements for each of the courses. If these videos get bogged down while buffering make sure you follow the link to YouTube and reduce the quality (from HD to something like 320) so they will play all the way through.

Some links about communication and audience research.

1. Short Web Article about Researching Your Audience
2. College Art Association Article About Writing An Artists Resume
3. Article About Writing An Artists Statement

Presenting your work.

It is important that you present your work professionally and with a lot of attention to detail. The following worksheets are resources to give you guidance on presenting physical artworks with cover sheets, etc. The video below explains how to make an acceptable cover sheet for works on rigid art board:

coversheets-wop coversheets

Photographing your work.

Set up a nice clean backdrop (use clean paper or fabric) and carefully photograph your work. Make sure you double check the focus and exposure of each photo (it is possible to clean things up in Photoshop, but if you don't get a good original image no amount of adjusting will help...

Check for even light (no shadows). Natural north light is great if you can find it, or use a lighting kit equipped with a diffuser (soft box). Use a tripod.

Scanning/photographing your sketchbook.

Use Photoshop to crop and adjust the images - save everything as a high quality JPEG (1240 Pixels by 72 PPI). Keep track of the JPEGS using a logical naming system (example - name project 01) and keep the images organized in folders that you back up somewhere.

Using Powerpoint to create digital files and save them as JPEG files.

If you want to you can embed image information into the JPEG file by placing your entire portfolio into a PowerPoint presentation and exporting all the slides as JPEG files.

Setting up your WordPress.com site.

You will need to set up your own free wordpress.com site to use as a portfolio for the art department. There are intensive tutorials available for all things WordPress here: https://learn.wordpress.com
The Tutorials posted below should give you the information you need to get started.

1. Start by going to https://wordpress.com and select "Start with a website"

2. Choose a theme (recommended: Free - something like "Goran")


3. Create a domain name for your site that is easy to remember (please use your name if at all possible). Also select the 'Free" option.

4. pick the plan you want to use (recommended: Free)

5. WordPress will now set up the URL and other behind the scenes stuff for you...

5. You are now ready to customize your site, work with your theme, etc.

6. The following Video tutorials will help you figure out how to set up the rest of your site.