1105 Tutorials


Skills: Tutorials for Art 1105

Unit 01 - Distorted Grid Portraits (Drawing)

No on-line tutorials for this unit. Please see your syllabus for requirements.

Unit 02 – Interrelationships of Forms (Painting)

  • Make sure you read the syllabus for the detailed project description, grading rubric, etc.
  • You may want to use Illustrator to lay out your design. Use a scanner or copy stand to make clean, high resolution images of your tracings/drawings.
  • The tutorials below will provide you with an introduction to using Illustrator.


  • More tutorials about how to use Illustrator are located in the "Unit 03" section of this page.

Unit 03  – Playing Cards (Digital Tools--Adobe Illustrator)

  • Make sure you read the syllabus for the detailed project description, grading rubric, etc.
  • Scan your drawings and import them into illustrator. Turn the drawing into a vector file (remember to save often!) See the tutorial in the "Unit 02" section of this page if you need help.
  • After you have scanned and vectorized your drawings use the tutorials below to add color, etc.

  • Use the tutorials below to learn how to print and mount your project.

Selection Tools Exercise File

Shape Tool Exercise File

Transform & Arrange Exercise File

Drawing a Path Exercise File

Pen Tool Exercise File

Shape Builder Exercise File

Pathfinder Exercise File

Compound Paths & Clipping Masks Exercise File

Type Exercise File

Color Exercise Files

Unit 04 - Communication! Memes, Posters and Portraits + Stencils:

  • Make sure you read the syllabus for the detailed project description, grading rubric, etc.
  • Create a "portrait" using some sort of digital capture device (camera, scanner, etc). This portrait could be a person or object but the image capture must be original and something you created (no Google image searches of celebrities, cats, etc). The idea is to find a photographic image that you will be able to add text and other vector shapes on top of - simple and direct is an acceptable approach.

  •  Import the PSD “portrait” into Adobe Illustrator as one layer and use the shape making tools to add your other required elements. You will need two additional layers in AI that coincide with your two stencils (three layers total). Follow the tutorial videos (BELOW)

  • Print out at least three copies of the Photoshop layer on heavy stock paper (with registration marks included). Make sure you have the “eyeballs” for the two stencil layers turned off before you print.
  • Follow the tutorial videos (BELOW)

  • Follow these directions to print:
    • Select File>Print
    • In the Print dialogue box make sure you select Marks and Bleed> Trim Marks and Registration Marks.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 11.59.50 AM

  • In the Print dialogue box select >Setup.
    • Select your printer and enter how many copies you want printed.
    • Select Paper Feed>Manual Feed.
    • Send the file to the printer.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 11.59.22 AM

  • Before swiping your ID card and releasing the files make sure you load the manual feed tray with your heavy stock paper and follow the video tutorial (BELOW) that shows you how to trick the printer into printing on this kind of paper.
  • Below are a couple of different versions of videos about getting paper to print on the SPU M.F.P. printers... The first one is boring, the second one is hilarious. Feel free to watch both.https://youtu.be/bXi9pejxDnghttps://vimeo.com/227146282
  • Once you have printed out a single copy of your stencil layers, and at least three copies of your digital portrait layer on heavy stock paper you are ready to hand cut your stencil layers. Follow the tutorial videos (BELOW)

  • Follow the video tutorial instructions (BELOW) to print the two stencil layers on at least three prints – these should be as identical as possible to create an “edition.” (make sure paint is transparent).

  • Cut or tear your prints down to make them a "bleed" print.
  • On the back of each print add your signature, title, and edition number 1/3 - 2/3  -3/3 IN PENCIL!!!
  • Attach a perfectly cut cover sheet to each print and follow any other instructions your instructor has given you.

Unit 05 - Portfolio

Please see the "Portfolio Building" page of the Foundations website for tutorials about building a web-based portfolio of your work.